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Date: 28th October 2016
Foam Board
Application: They are wildly used in furniture making,decoration,advertisement,construction and other fields. such as: 1).Exhibition?cabinet,?shelf in?supermarket? 2).Advertisement board?and sign board 3).the?advertisement?sheet?for?printing,?engraving,?cutting,?sawing 4).Architectural?decoration?and?upholstery 5).Decoration?for?partition?wall?and?shopwindows 6).Furniture:cabinet,desk,chair,wardorbe,shoecase,window,door ? Characteristics: 1).waterproof,fireproof,mouldproof,soundproof,hot insulation,shock absorption 2). same processing as timber,but processing performance is much better than wood 3).ideal substitute for wood,aluminum and composite board material 4).surface is very smooth,rigid and not easy to scratch ? Specification: ?1? Product PVC Foam Board ?2? Size ?standard 1220mmX2440mm,customized available ?3? Thickness ?1.0~30mm ?4? Density ?0.35~0.80g/cm3 ?5 Brand HYZT (OEM) ?6 Color ?White, Black, Red, Green, Pink, Grey, Blue, Yellow, etc ?7 Executive standard ?QB/T?2463.1-1999 ? ?8 Certificate ?ISO9001 ?9 Weldable ?Yes 10 ?Foam Process ?Celuka 11 ?Water saturation ?<1% 12 Tensile strength ?12~20MPa 13 Elongation?at break ?15~20% 14 Vicat softening point ?73~76 ?C 15 ?Impact strength ?8~15KJ/m2 16 Shore Hardness ?D? 75 17 Flexural modulus?of elasticity ?800~900MPa 18 Bending strength 12~18MPa 19 Life Span >50 years 20 Flame retardance self-extinguishing less than 5 seconds
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